Monday, March 2, 2009

Ahh the memories...or not

Well, I've been scolded about not updating the blog. Let me just be clear that this was John's big undertaking, but alas, here I am picking up the slack. On the other hand, I suppose he is upstairs doing the laundry so I guess I can post a few pictures.
Earlier this week John and I had a chance to meet up with one of his old friends who came to town with the BYU Folk dancers. We talked about how things were going and caught up with the news of people from their old stomping ground. It was great to see him and find out what was going on with everybody. The thought struck me though, as we are all in the semi-same phase of life that these are the days that old people always tell us that we will look back on and miss. Seriously? Has time warped their memories, or did they do a little too much "living" in the 60's and 70's? Do they really remember those days, or have times changed enough that daily life was significantly different then? I don't think so. They had days like we have, the days that we struggle to pay the bills and not lose what little sanity and patience we have left with their children. The days that we feel like robots, getting up, eating, taking kids to school, doing endless laundry, helping with homework, making dinner, tucking in kids, and then falling asleep with the realization that you forgot to put deodorant on that morning. Oh well, the kids don't care, right? I guess it is that unconditional love and acceptance from our children (especially when they're too young to know any better) that spurs us forward and hopefully sometime during the day we lose the robotic actions and realize what we have been told for years, these really are the days that we will miss, long for and treasure when they're gone.
These are just a few picture of two of my little treasures/terrors.
P.S. The tongue thing is completely from their father, I have no other explanation and genetics is the only excuse.


Maddy said...

I took those and Andy was doing the oppisite of everything I told him to do I tell him to smile, he does a silly face. I tell him to do a silly face he smiles.

Kristin said...

Very insightful, Pook.

Alli said...

I asked a seasoned older mother after I read this last time about whether they forget about all the craziness/monotiny of having young kids, and she told me she remembers that, but that something changes in kids and you miss their littleness and innocence, and the fact that they love you even when you're mean to them.

Jess said...

I cannot believe how big the kids are getting!! Miss you guys!